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# Foobot Binding

This binding fetches the Indoor Air Quality data of each of your Foobot devices from the Foobot cloud service.

To use this binding, you first need to register and get your API key (opens new window). The api is rate limited to 200 calls per day. If you need a higher rate limit please contact Foobot.

# Supported Things

The binding supports the following things:

Thing type Name
account The bridge with connection configuration
device The sensor thing

# Discovery

The binding requires you to have a Foobot account and an API key. The discovery process is able to automatically discover all devices associated with your Foobot account.

# Bridge Configuration

Bridge has the following configuration parameters:

Parameter Description Required
apikey API Key from (opens new window) Mandatory
username The e-mail address used to log into the Foobot App Mandatory
refreshInterval Refresh interval in minutes, minimal 5 minutes Optional, the default value is 8 minutes.

The minimal refresh rate is 5 minutes because the device only sends data every 5 minutes. The default is 8 minutes. This will get you through the day with the default rate limit of 200 calls per day.

# Channels

The bridge has one channel:

Channel ID Item Type Description
apiKeyLimitRemaining Number The remaining number of API requests for today

The AirQuality sensors information that is retrieved is available as these channels:

Channel ID Item Type Description
time DateTime Last time the sensor data was send to Foobot
pm Number:Density Particulate Matter level (ug/m3)
temperature Number:Temperature Temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit
humidity Number:Dimensionless Humidity level (%)
co2 Number:Dimensionless Carbon diOxide level (ppm)
voc Number:Dimensionless Volatile Organic Compounds level (ppb)
gpi Number:Dimensionless Global Pollution index (%)

# Full Example


// Bridge configuration:
Bridge foobot:account:myfoobotaccount "Foobot Account" [apiKey="XXXXXX", username="XXXXXX", refreshInterval=8] {
    device myfoobot "Foobot sensor" [uuid="XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX"]


Number:Temperature Temperature "Temperature" <temperature> { channel="foobot:myfoobotaccount:device:myfoobot:temperature" }