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# WLED Binding

This binding allows you to auto discover and use LED strings based on the WLED project: (opens new window)

# Supported Things

Thing Type ID Description
wled Use this for RGB and RGBW strings.

# Discovery

The auto discovery will find your WLED if your network supports mDNS and the UDP port 5353 is not blocked by a fire wall. Before discovering any WLED devices, you may wish to name them by providing a 'Server description' in the WLED web page, CONFIG>User Interface> setup page. openHAB will then discover and auto name your WLED to the name provided as the 'Server description'. If it fails to find your WLED, you can still manually add a wled thing by using the UI or textual methods. For multiple segments, the binding will only auto find the first segment. For additional segments, you can add them manually and set the segmentIndex config to the correct number shown in the WLED control web page.

# Thing Configuration

Parameter Description Required Default
address The full URL to your WLED device. Example is Y
pollTime How often in seconds you want the states of the LED fetched in case you make changes with a non openHAB app, web browser, or the light is auto changing FX or presets. Y 10
segmentIndex The index number to the LED segment you wish these channels to control. Leave on 0 if you do not know what a segment is. Y 0
saturationThreshold Allows you to use a colorpicker control linked to the masterControls channel to trigger only using the pure white LEDs instead of creating fake white light from the RGB channels. Try setting the value to 12 or leave this on 0 for RGB strings. Y 0

# Channels

Channel Type Description
masterControls Color Gives you control over the WLED segment like it is any normal light. Tag this control for Alexa or Google/Nest to change the lights instantly to any colour, brightness or on/off state that you ask for regardless of what mode the light is in.
segmentBrightness Dimmer Allows you to Dim and turn the entire segment ON and OFF.
primaryColor Color The primary colour used in FX.
primaryWhite Dimmer The amount of white light used in the primary colour. Only available if you have RGBW LEDs.
secondaryColor Color The secondary colour used in FX.
secondaryWhite Dimmer The amount of white light used in the second colour. Only available if you have RGBW LEDs.
tertiaryColor Color The third colour used in FX.
tertiaryWhite Dimmer The amount of white light used in the third colour. Only available if you have RGBW LEDs.
palettes String A list of colour palettes you can select from that are used in the FX.
fx String A list of Effects you can select from.
speed Dimmer Changes the speed of the loaded effect.
intensity Dimmer Changes the intensity of the loaded effect.
presets String A list of presets that you can select from and will display -1 when no presets are running.
playlists String A list of playlists that you can select from and will display -1 when none are running.
presetCycle Switch Turns ON/OFF the automatic changing from one preset to the next. Only in V0.12.0 and older firmwares.
presetDuration Number:Time How long in seconds it will display a preset for, before it begins to change from one preset to the next with presetCycle turned ON. Only in V0.12.0 and older firmwares.
transformTime Number:Time How long in seconds it takes to transform/morph from one look to the next.
sleep Switch Turns on the sleep or 'night light' timer which can be configured to work in many different ways. Refer to WLED documentation for how this can be setup. The default action is the light will fade to OFF over the next 60 minutes.
syncSend Switch Sends UDP packets that tell other WLED lights to follow this one.
syncReceive Switch Allows UDP packets from other WLED lights to control this one.
mirror Switch Mirror the effect for this segment.
reverse Switch Reverse the effect for this segment.
liveOverride String A value of "0" turns off, "1" will override live data to display what you want, and "2" overrides until you reboot the ESP device.
grouping Number The number of LEDs that are grouped together to display as one pixel in FX. Use metadata to display a list widget slider.
spacing Number The number of LEDs that will not light up in between FX pixels. Use metadata to display a list widget slider.

# Rule Actions

This binding has two rule Actions savePreset(int presetNumber) and savePreset(int presetNumber, String presetName) which can save the current state of the WLED string into a preset slot that you can specify.

In Xtend rules, you can use the Actions like this.

getActions("wled", "wled:wled:XmasTree").savePreset(5,"Flashy Preset")

# Sitemap Example

If you use the ADMIN>MODEL>Create equipment from thing feature you can use the below and just change the name before the underscore to match what you named the wled thing when it was added via the Inbox.


        Text label="XmasLights" icon="rgb"{
            Switch item=XmasTree_MasterControls
            Slider item=XmasTree_SegmentBrightness
            Colorpicker item=XmasTree_MasterControls
            Switch item=XmasTree_SleepTimer
            Colorpicker item=XmasTree_PrimaryColor
            Colorpicker item=XmasTree_SecondaryColor
            Selection item=XmasTree_Effect
            Selection item=XmasTree_Palettes
            Selection item=XmasTree_Presets
            Default item=XmasTree_FXSpeed
            Default item=XmasTree_FXIntensity            
            Selection item=XmasTree_TransformTime mappings=[0='0 seconds', 2 ='2 seconds', 10='10 seconds', 30='30 seconds', 60='60 seconds']