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# MyQ Binding

This binding integrates with the The Chamberlain Group MyQ (opens new window) cloud service. It allows monitoring and control over MyQ (opens new window) enabled garage doors manufactured by LiftMaster, Chamberlain and Craftsman.

# Supported Things

# Account

This represents the MyQ cloud account and uses the same credentials needed when using the MyQ mobile application.

ThingTypeUID: account

# Garage Door

This represents a garage door associated with an account. Multiple garage doors are supported.

ThingTypeUID: garagedoor

# Lamp

This represents a lamp associated with an account. Multiple lamps are supported.

ThingTypeUID: lamp

# Discovery

Once an account has been added, garage doors and lamps will automatically be discovered and added to the inbox.

# Channels

Channel Item Type Thing Type States
status String garagedoor opening, closed, closing, stopped, transition, unknown
rollershutter Rollershutter garagedoor UP, DOWN, 0%, 100%
closeError Switch garagedoor ON (has error), OFF (doesn't have error)
openError Switch garagedoor ON (has error), OFF (doesn't have error)
switch Switch garagedoor, lamp ON (open), OFF (closed)

# Full Example

# Thing Configuration

Bridge myq:account:home "MyQ Account" [ username="[email protected]", password="secret", refreshInterval=60 ] {
    Thing garagedoor abcd12345 "MyQ Garage Door" [ serialNumber="abcd12345" ]
    Thing lamp efgh6789 "MyQ Lamp" [ serialNumber="efgh6789" ]

# Items

String MyQGarageDoor1Status "Door Status [%s]" {channel = "myq:garagedoor:home:abcd12345:status"}
Switch MyQGarageDoor1Switch "Door Switch [%s]" {channel = "myq:garagedoor:home:abcd12345:switch"}
Switch MyQGarageDoor1CloseError "Door Close Error [%s]" {channel = "myq:garagedoor:home:abcd12345:closeError"}
Switch MyQGarageDoor1OpenError "Door OpenError [%s]" {channel = "myq:garagedoor:home:abcd12345:openError"}
Rollershutter MyQGarageDoor1Rollershutter "Door Rollershutter [%s]" {channel = "myq:garagedoor:home:abcd12345:rollershutter"}
Switch MyQGarageDoorLamp "Lamp [%s]" {channel = "myq:lamp:home:efgh6789:switch"}

# Sitemaps

sitemap MyQ label="MyQ Demo Sitemap" {
  Frame label="Garage Door" {
    String item=MyQGarageDoor1Status
    Switch item=MyQGarageDoor1Switch
    Rollershutter item=MyQGarageDoor1Rollershutter