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# Solar-Log Binding

The Solar-Log Family (opens new window) of monitoring devices for PV installations provide a MODBUS (TCP) and JSON-based API to access a number of internal data related to power generation and consumption. This binding implements access to the data via the JSON API.

# Use of the binding

The Solar-Log is exposed as one thing with a number of channels that can be used to read the values for different aspects of your Solar-Log installation.

# Setup of the binding

You can either configure the Thing via the openHAB UI or via a *.things file, according to the following example:

Thing solarlog:meter:pv "Solar-Log 300" @ "Utility Room" [ url="http://solar-log", refreshInterval=15]

The parameters to be used are simple:

  • url denotes the URL of your Solar-Log. If you have not changed anything, this defaults to http://solar-log.
  • refreshInterval is the interval to fetch new data. Solar-Log updates its data every 15 - 60 seconds. 15 is the default value. Values lower than this will return the result from the last 15 seconds period. No value lower than this can be set in the UI.

Currently, the binding does not support authenticated access to the Solar-Log JSON API (which was introduced with newer firmwares). If must set the API access to Open in the Solar-Log configuration in order for the binding to work.

# Available channels

The following table is taken from the official manual and contains all available channels. If you want to manually define Items, this can for example be done as follows:

Number solarlog_meter_pv_yieldday "Yield Day [% W]" (gSolarLog, gUtilityRoom) { channel="solarlog:meter:pv:yieldday" }

Data point Unit Index Description
lastupdate Time in the format; hh.minmin, secsec 100 Time
pac W 101 Total output PAC from all of the inverters and meters in inverter mode
pdc W 102 Total output PAC from all of the inverters
uac V 103 Average voltage UAC from the inverter
udc V 104 Average voltage UDC from the inverter
yieldday Wh 105 Total yield for the day from all of the inverters
yieldyesterday Wh 106 Total yield for the previous day from all of the inverters
yieldmonth Wh 107 Total yield for the month from all of the inverters
yieldyear Wh 108 Total yield for the year from all of the inverters
yieldtotal Wh 109 Total yield from all of the inverters
conspac W 110 Current total consumption PAC from all of the consumption meters
consyieldday Wh 111 Total consumption from all of the consumption meters
consyieldyesterday Wh 112 Total consumption for the previous day; all of the consumption meters
consyieldmonth Wh 113 Total consumption for the month; all of the consumption meters
consyieldyear Wh 114 Total consumption for the year; all of the consumption meters
consyieldtotal Wh 115 Accumulated total consumption, all Consumption meter
totalpower Wp 116 Installed generator power

# More information

More information about the Solar-Log Data interfaces and the exact meaning of the various channels and the documentation of the JSON API can be found in the Manual (opens new window).