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# Windcentrale Binding

This Binding is used to display the details of a Windcentrale windmill.

# Supported Things

This Binding supports Windcentrale mill devices.

# Discovery

There is no discovery available for this binding.

# Binding Configuration

No binding configuration required.

# Thing Configuration

Configuration Parameter Required Default Description
millId X 131 Identifies the windmill (see table below)
wd 1 Number of wind shares ("Winddelen")
refreshInterval 30 Refresh interval for refreshing the data in seconds
millId Windmill name
1 De Grote Geert
2 De Jonge Held
31 Het Rode Hert
41 De Ranke Zwaan
51 De Witte Juffer
111 De Bonte Hen
121 De Trouwe Wachter
131 De Blauwe Reiger
141 De Vier Winden
201 De Boerenzwaluw

# Channels

Channel Type ID Item Type Description
kwh Number:Energy Current energy
kwhForecast Number:Energy Energy forecast
powerAbsTot Number:Power Total power
powerAbsWd Number:Power Power provided for your wind shares
powerRel Number:Dimensionless Relative power
runPercentage Number:Dimensionless Run percentage this year
runTime Number:Time Run time this year
timestamp DateTime Timestamp of the last update
windDirection String Current wind direction
windSpeed Number Measured current wind speed (Bft)

# Example

# demo.things

Thing windcentrale:mill:geert  [ millId=1 ]
Thing windcentrale:mill:reiger [ millId=131, wd=3, refreshInterval=60 ]

# demo.items

Group                 gReiger                 "Windcentrale Reiger"              <wind>

Number                ReigerWindSpeed         "Wind speed [%d Bft]"              <wind>  (gReiger) { channel="windcentrale:mill:reiger:windSpeed" }
String                ReigerWindDirection     "Wind direction [%s]"              <wind>  (gReiger) { channel="windcentrale:mill:reiger:windDirection" }
Number:Power          ReigerPowerAbsTot       "Total mill power [%.1f %unit%]"   <wind>  (gReiger) { channel="windcentrale:mill:reiger:powerAbsTot" }
Number:Power          ReigerPowerAbsWd        "Wind shares power [%.1f %unit%]"  <wind>  (gReiger) { channel="windcentrale:mill:reiger:powerAbsWd" }
Number:Dimensionless  ReigerPowerRel          "Relative power [%.1f %unit%]"     <wind>  (gReiger) { channel="windcentrale:mill:reiger:powerRel" }
Number:Energy         ReigerKwh               "Current energy [%.0f %unit%]"     <wind>  (gReiger) { channel="windcentrale:mill:reiger:kwh" }
Number:Energy         ReigerKwhForecast       "Energy forecast [%.0f %unit%]"    <wind>  (gReiger) { channel="windcentrale:mill:reiger:kwhForecast" }
Number:Dimensionless  ReigerRunPercentage     "Run percentage [%.1f %unit%]"     <wind>  (gReiger) { channel="windcentrale:mill:reiger:runPercentage" }
Number:Time           ReigerRunTime           "Run time [%.0f %unit%]"           <wind>  (gReiger) { channel="windcentrale:mill:reiger:runTime" }
DateTime              ReigerTimestamp         "Update timestamp [%1$ta %1$tR]"   <wind>  (gReiger) { channel="windcentrale:mill:reiger:timestamp" }