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# Hayward Omnilogic Binding

The Hayward Omnilogic binding integrates the Omnilogic pool controller using the Hayward API.

The Hayward Omnilogic API interacts with Hayward's cloud server requiring a connection with the Internet for sending and receiving information.

# Supported Things

The table below lists the Hayward OmniLogic binding thing types:

Things Description Thing Type
Hayward OmniLogix Connection Connection to Hayward's Server bridge
Backyard Backyard backyard
Body of Water Body of Water bow
Chlorinator Chlorinator chlorinator
Colorlogic Light Colorlogic Light colorlogic
Filter Filter control filter
Heater Equipment Actual heater (i.e. gas, solar, electric) heater
Pump Auxillary pump control (i.e. spillover) pump
Relay Accessory relay control (deck jet sprinklers, lights, etc.) relay
Virtaul Heater A Virtual Heater that can control all of the heater equipment based on priority virtualHeater

# Discovery

The binding will automatically discover the Omnilogic pool things from the cloud server using your Hayward Omnilogic credentials.

# Thing Configuration

Hayward OmniLogic Connection Parameters:

Property Default Required Description
Host Name (opens new window) Yes Host name of the Hayward API server
User Name None Yes Your Hayward User Name (not email address)
Password None Yes Your Hayward User Password
Telemetry Poll Delay 12 Yes Telemetry Poll Delay (10-60 seconds)
Alarm Poll Delay 60 Yes Alarm Poll Delay (0-120 seconds, 0 disabled)

# Channels

# Backyard Channels

backyardAirTemp Number:Temperature Backyard air temp sensor reading R
backyardStatus String Backyard status R
backyardState String Backyard state R
backyardAlarm1 String Backyard alarm #1 R
backyardAlarm2 String Backyard alarm #2 R
backyardAlarm3 String Backyard alarm #3 R
backyardAlarm4 String Backyard alarm #4 R
backyardAlarm5 String Backyard alarm #5 R

# Body of Water Channels

Channel Type ID Item Type Description Read Write
bowFlow Switch Body of Water flow sensor feedback R
bowWaterTemp Number:Temperature Body of Water temperature R

# Chlorinator Channels

Channel Type ID Item Type Description Read Write
chlorEnable Switch Chlorinator enable R/W
chlorOperatingMode String Chlorinator operating mode R
chlorTimedPercent Number:Dimensionless Chlorinator timed percent R/W
chlorOperatingState Number Chlorinator operating state R
chlorScMode String Chlorinator super chlorinate mode R
chlorError Number Chlorinator error R
chlorAlert String Chlorinator alert R
chlorAvgSaltLevel Number:Dimensionless Chlorinator average salt level in Part per Million (ppm) R
chlorInstantSaltLevel Number:Dimensionless Chlorinator instant salt level in Part per Million (ppm) R
chlorStatus Number Chlorinator K1/K2 relay status R

# Colorlogic Light Channels

Channel Type ID Item Type Description Read Write
colorLogicLightEnable Switch Colorlogic Light enable R/W
colorLogicLightState String Colorlogic Light state R
colorLogicLightCurrentShow String Colorlogic Light current show R/W

# Filter Channels

Channel Type ID Item Type Description Read Write
filterEnable Switch Filter enable R/W
filterValvePosition String Filter valve position R
filterSpeed Number:Dimensionless Filter speed in % R/W
filterState String Filter state R
filterLastSpeed Number:Dimensionless Filter last speed in % R

# Heater Channels

Channel Type ID Item Type Description Read Write
heaterState Number Heater state R
heaterEnable Switch Heater enable R

# Pump Channels

Channel Type ID Item Type Description Read Write
pumpEnable Switch Pump enable R
pumpSpeed Number:Dimensionless Pump speed in % R

# Relay Channels

Channel Type ID Item Type Description Read Write
relayState Switch Relay state R/W

# Virtual Heater Channels

Channel Type ID Item Type Description Read Write
heaterEnable Number Heater enable R
heaterCurrentSetpoint Number:Temperature Heater Current Setpoint R/W

# Full Example

After installing the binding, you will need to manually add the Hayward Connection thing and enter your credentials. All pool items can be autmatically discovered by scanning the bridge Goto the inbox and add the things.

# demo.items:

Group gPool "Pool" ["Location"]

Group gHaywardChlorinator "Hayward Chlorinator" (gPool) ["Equipment"] 
Switch               HaywardChlorinator_Power            "Power"                (gHaywardChlorinator) ["Point"]  { channel="haywardomnilogic:chlorinator:3766402f00:34:chlorEnable" }           
String               HaywardChlorinator_OperatingMode    "Operating Mode"       (gHaywardChlorinator) ["Point"]  { channel="haywardomnilogic:chlorinator:3766402f00:34:chlorOperatingMode" }    
Number:Dimensionless HaywardChlorinator_SaltOutput       "Salt Output (%)"      (gHaywardChlorinator) ["Point"]  { channel="haywardomnilogic:chlorinator:3766402f00:34:chlorTimedPercent" }     
String               HaywardChlorinator_scMode           "scMode"               (gHaywardChlorinator) ["Point"]  { channel="haywardomnilogic:chlorinator:3766402f00:34:chlorScMode" }           
Number               HaywardChlorinator_ChlorinatorError "Chlorinator Error"    (gHaywardChlorinator) ["Point"]  { channel="haywardomnilogic:chlorinator:3766402f00:34:chlorError" }            
String               HaywardChlorinator_ChlorinatorAlert "Chlorinator Alert"    (gHaywardChlorinator) ["Point"]  { channel="haywardomnilogic:chlorinator:3766402f00:34:chlorAlert" }            
Number:Dimensionless HaywardChlorinator_AverageSaltLevel "Average Salt Level"   (gHaywardChlorinator) ["Point"]  { channel="haywardomnilogic:chlorinator:3766402f00:34:chlorAvgSaltLevel" }     
Number:Dimensionless HaywardChlorinator_InstantSaltLevel "Instant Salt Level"   (gHaywardChlorinator) ["Point"]  { channel="haywardomnilogic:chlorinator:3766402f00:34:chlorInstantSaltLevel" } 
Number               HaywardChlorinator_Status           "Status"               (gHaywardChlorinator) ["Point"]  { channel="haywardomnilogic:chlorinator:3766402f00:34:chlorStatus" }           

Group gHaywardBackyard "Hayward Backyard" (gPool) ["Equipment"]
Number:Temperature  HaywardBackyard_AirTemp        "Air Temp"                   (gHaywardBackyard) ["Point"]  { channel="haywardomnilogic:backyard:3766402f00:35940:backyardAirTemp" } 
String              HaywardBackyard_Status         "Status"                     (gHaywardBackyard) ["Point"]  { channel="haywardomnilogic:backyard:3766402f00:35940:backyardStatus" }  
String              HaywardBackyard_State          "State"                      (gHaywardBackyard) ["Point"]  { channel="haywardomnilogic:backyard:3766402f00:35940:backyardState" }   
String              HaywardBackyard_BackyardAlarm1 "Alarm"                      (gHaywardBackyard) ["Point"]  { channel="haywardomnilogic:backyard:3766402f00:35940:backyardAlarm1" }  
String              HaywardBackyard_BackyardAlarm2 "Alarm"                      (gHaywardBackyard) ["Point"]  { channel="haywardomnilogic:backyard:3766402f00:35940:backyardAlarm2" }  
String              HaywardBackyard_BackyardAlarm3 "Alarm"                      (gHaywardBackyard) ["Point"]  { channel="haywardomnilogic:backyard:3766402f00:35940:backyardAlarm3" }  
String              HaywardBackyard_BackyardAlarm4 "Alarm"                      (gHaywardBackyard) ["Point"]  { channel="haywardomnilogic:backyard:3766402f00:35940:backyardAlarm4" }  
String              HaywardBackyard_BackyardAlarm5 "Alarm"                      (gHaywardBackyard) ["Point"]  { channel="haywardomnilogic:backyard:3766402f00:35940:backyardAlarm5" }  

Group gHaywardGas "Hayward Gas" (gPool) ["Equipment"]
Number              HaywardGas_HeaterState  "Heater State"                      (gHaywardGas) ["Point"]  { channel="haywardomnilogic:heater:3766402f00:33:heaterState" }  
Switch              HaywardGas_HeaterEnable "Heater Enable"                     (gHaywardGas) ["Point"]  { channel="haywardomnilogic:heater:3766402f00:33:heaterEnable" } 

Group gHaywardJets "Hayward Jets" (gPool) ["Equipment"]
Switch              HaywardJets_Power "Power"                                   (gHaywardJets) ["Point"]  { channel="haywardomnilogic:relay:3766402f00:37:relayState" } 

Group gHaywardPool "Hayward Pool" (gPool) ["Equipment"]
Switch              HaywardPool_FlowSensor "Flow Sensor"                        (gHaywardPool) ["Point"]  { channel="haywardomnilogic:bow:3766402f00:30:bowFlow" }      
Number:Temperature  HaywardPool_WaterTemp  "Water Temp"                         (gHaywardPool) ["Point"]  { channel="haywardomnilogic:bow:3766402f00:30:bowWaterTemp" } 

Group gHaywardPoolLight "Hayward Pool Light" (gPool) ["Equipment"]
Switch              HaywardPoolLight_Power       "Power"                        (gHaywardPoolLight) ["Point"]  { channel="haywardomnilogic:colorlogic:3766402f00:38:colorLogicLightEnable" }      
String              HaywardPoolLight_LightState  "Light State"                  (gHaywardPoolLight) ["Point"]  { channel="haywardomnilogic:colorlogic:3766402f00:38:colorLogicLightState" }       
String              HaywardPoolLight_CurrentShow "Current Show"                 (gHaywardPoolLight) ["Point"]  { channel="haywardomnilogic:colorlogic:3766402f00:38:colorLogicLightCurrentShow" }