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# LuftdatenInfo Binding

Binding for the Sensor Community (opens new window). The community provides instructions to build sensors on your own and they can be integrated into the database. With this binding you can integrate your sensor, a sensor nearby or even any sensors you want into openHAB.

# Supported Things

Three Things are supported

Name Thing Type ID Description
Particulate Sensor particulate measure particulate matter PM2.5 and PM10
Conditions Sensor condition measures environment conditions like temperature, humidity and some also provides atmospheric pressure
Noise Sensor noise measures noise exposures in the environment

# Discovery

There's no auto discovery. See Thing configuration how to setup a Sensor.

# Thing Configuration

Choose either a local IP address of your personal owned sensor or a sensor id of an external one.

Parameter Description
ipAddress Local IP address of your personal owned sensor
sensorid Sensor ID obtained from (opens new window)

# Local Sensor

Please check in your browser if you can access your sensor with your local IP address. Logo

# External Sensor

Perform the following steps to get the appropriate Sensor ID

  • Go to to map (opens new window)
  • Choose your desired value in bottom list - now only the Sensors are displayed which are supporting this
  • Click on your / any Sensor and the ID is displayed in the top right corner. Note: Sensor ID is just the number without beginning hash #
  • Enter this Sensor ID into the thing configuration Logo

# Channels

# Particulate Sensor

Channel ID Item Type Description
pm25 Number:Density Ultrafine particulates (opens new window) microgram per cubic meter
pm100 Number:Density Coarse particulate matter (opens new window) microgram per cubic meter

# Conditions Sensor

Channel ID Item Type Description
temperature Number:Temperature current temperature
humidity Number:Dimensionless current humidity percent
pressure Number:Pressure Atmospheric Pressure (not supported by all sensors)
pressure-sea Number:Pressure Atmospheric Pressure on sea level (not supported by all sensors)

# Noise Sensor

Channel ID Item Type Description
noise-eq Number:Dimensionless Average noise in db
noise-min Number:Dimensionless Minimum noise covered in the last 2.5 minutes in db
noise-main Number:Dimensionless Maximum noise covered in the last 2.5 minutes in db

# Full Example

# Things


Thing luftdateninfo:particulate:pm_sensor   "PM Sensor"         [ ipAddress= ]
Thing luftdateninfo:conditions:cond_sensor  "Condition Sensor"  [ sensorid=28843 ]
Thing luftdateninfo:noise:noise_sensor      "Noise Sensor"      [ sensorid=39745 ]

# Items


Number:Density PM_25                "PM2.5"                 { channel="luftdateninfo:particulate:pm_sensor:pm25" } 
Number:Density PM_100               "PM10"                  { channel="luftdateninfo:particulate:pm_sensor:pm100" } 

Number:Temperature LDI_Temperature  "Temperature"           { channel="luftdateninfo:conditions:cond_sensor:temperature" } 
Number:Dimensionless LDI_Humidity   "Humidity"              { channel="luftdateninfo:conditions:cond_sensor:humidity" } 
Number:Pressure LDI_Pressure        "Atmospheric Pressure"  { channel="luftdateninfo:conditions:cond_sensor:pressure" } 
Number:Pressure LDI_PressureSea     "Pressure sea level"    { channel="luftdateninfo:conditions:cond_sensor:pressure-sea" } 

Number:Dimensionless LDI_NoiseEQ    "Noise EQ"              { channel="luftdateninfo:noise:noise_sensor:noise-eq" } 
Number:Dimensionless LDI_NoiseMin   "Noise min"             { channel="luftdateninfo:noise:noise_sensor:noise-min" } 
Number:Dimensionless LDI_NoiseMax   "Noise max"             { channel="luftdateninfo:noise:noise_sensor:noise-max" } 

# Sitemap


sitemap LuftdatenInfo label="LuftdatenInfo" {
        Text item=PM_25                     label="Particulate Matter 2.5 [%.1f %unit%]"    
        Text item=PM_100                    label="Particulate Matter 10 [%.1f %unit%]"     

        Text item=LDI_Temperature           label="Temperature [%d %unit%]"     
        Text item=LDI_Humidity              label="Humidity [%d %unit%]"    
        Text item=LDI_Pressure              label="Atmospheric Pressure [%d %unit%]"    
        Text item=LDI_PressureSea           label="Atmospheric Pressure sea [%d %unit%]"    
        Text item=LDI_NoiseEQ               label="Noise avg [%.1f %unit%]"     
        Text item=LDI_NoiseMin              label="Noise min [%.1f %unit%]"     
        Text item=LDI_NoiseMax              label="Noise max [%.1f %unit%]"