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# Warmup Binding

This binding integrates the Warmup 4iE Thermostat (opens new window), via the API at (opens new window).

Any Warmup 4iE device(s) must be registered at (opens new window) prior to usage.

This API is not known to be documented publicly. The binding api implementation has been derived from the implementations at (opens new window) and (opens new window), and enhanced by inspecting the GraphQL endpoint.

# Supported Things

The Warmup binding supports the following thing types:

Bridge Label Description
my-warmup My Warmup Account The account credentials for (opens new window) which acts as an API to the Warmup device(s)
Thing Label Description
room Room A room containing an individual Warmup 4iE device which is a WiFi connected device which controls a heating circuit.

# Room

The device is optimised for controlling underfloor heating (electric or hydronic), although it can also control central heating circuits. The device reports the temperature from one of two thermostats, either a floor temperature probe or the air temperature at the device. The separate temperatures do not appear to be reported through the API. It appears to be possible to configure two devices in a primary / secondary configuration, but it is not clear how this might be represented by the API and hasn't been implemented.

# Discovery

Once credentials are successfully added to the bridge, any rooms (devices) detected will be added as things to the inbox.

# Thing Configuration

# My Warmup Account

config parameter type description required default
username String Username for (opens new window) true
password String Password for (opens new window) true
refreshInterval Integer Interval in seconds between automatic refreshes true 300

# Room

Rooms are configured automatically with a Serial Number on discovery, or can be added manually using the "Device Number" from the device, excluding the last 3 characters. The only supported temperature change is an override, through a default duration configured on the thing. This defaults to 60 minutes.

config parameter type description required default
serialNumber String Device Serial Number, excluding last 3 characters true
overrideDuration Integer Duration in minutes of override when target temperature is changed true 60

# Channels

channel type description read only
currentTemperature Number:Temperature Currently reported temperature true
targetTemperature Number:Temperature Target temperature false
overrideRemaining Number:Time Duration remaining of the configured override true
runMode String Current operating mode of the thermostat, options listed below true
frostProtectionMode Switch Toggles between the "Frost Protection" run mode and the previously configured "active" run mode (known options are either Fixed or Schedule) false

# Run Mode Statuses

These run mode statuses are defined for the API. The descriptions are based on inspection of the device behaviour and are not sourced from documentation.

api value ui name description
not_set Not Set Unknown
off Off Device turned off
schedule Schedule Device target temperature running to a programmed schedule
override Override Target temperature overridden for the remaining duration in overrideRemaining
fixed Fixed Device target temperature set to a constant fixed value
anti_frost Frost Protection Device target temperature set to 7°C
holiday Holiday Device target temperature set to a constant fixed value for duration of holiday
fil_pilote Fil Pilote Unknown
gradual Gradual Unknown
relay Relay Unknown
previous Previous Unknown

# Full Example

# .things file

Bridge warmup:my-warmup:MyWarmup [ username="[email protected]", password="test", refreshInterval=300 ]
    room    bathroom    "Home - Bathroom"   [ serialNumber="AABBCCDDEEFF", overrideDuration=60 ]

# .items file

Number:Temperature bathroom_temperature "Temperature [%.1f °C]" <temperature> (GF_Bathroom, Temperature)    ["Temperature"] {channel="warmup:room:MyWarmup:bathroom:currentTemperature"}
Number:Temperature bathroom_setpoint    "Set Point [%.1f °C]" <temperature> (GF_Bathroom) ["Set Point"] {channel="warmup:room:MyWarmup:bathroom:targetTemperature"}
Number:Time bathroom_overrideRemaining  "Override Remaining [%d minutes]" (GF_Bathroom) {channel="warmup:room:MyWarmup:bathroom:overrideRemaining"}
String bathroom_runMode "Run Mode [%s]" (GF_Bathroom) {channel="warmup:room:MyWarmup:bathroom:runMode"}
Switch bathroom_frostProtection "Frost Protection Mode" (GF_Bathroom) {channel="warmup:room:MyWarmup:bathroom:frostProtectionMode"}

# Sitemap

Text label="Bathroom" {
    Text item=bathroom_temperature
    Setpoint item=bathroom_setpoint step=0.5
    Text item=bathroom_overrideRemaining
    Text item=bathroom_runMode
    Switch item=bathroom_frostProtection