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# RME Binding

This binding is for the RME RainManager rain water pump and management system

# Supported Things


# Thing Configuration

The Thing configuration requires the name of the serial port that is used to connect the host with the RME unit

# Channels

All devices support some of the following channels:

Channel Type ID Item Type Description
waterlevel Number Indicates the % the cistern is filled with water
mode String Indicates the operation mode of the RME Rain Manager, Automatic or Manual
source String Indicates water source used to supply water, e.g cistern or city
exitpump Switch Indicates whether the exit pump is switched on
entrypump Switch Indicates whether the entry pump is switched on

# Example


Thing rme:manager:m1 [ port="/dev/tty.usbserial-FTGVQA6D" ]


Number RMECisternLevel "Water level [%.1f %%]"(rme) {channel="rme:manager:m1:waterlevel"}
String RMEMode (rme) {channel="rme:manager:m1:mode"}
String RMESource (rme) {channel="rme:manager:m1:source"}
Switch RMEExitPump (rme) {channel="rme:manager:m1:exitpump"}
Switch RMEEntryPump (rme) {channel="rme:manager:m1:entrypump"}
Switch RMEWaterExchange (rme) {channel="rme:manager:m1:waterexchange"}
Switch RMECisternSupply (rme) {channel="rme:manager:m1:cisternsupplyalarm"}
Switch RMEOverflowAlarm (rme) {channel="rme:manager:m1:overflowalarm"}
Switch RMECisternBlockedAlarm (rme) {channel="rme:manager:m1:cisternblockedalarm"}
Switch RMEFilterCleaning(rme) {channel="rme:manager:m1:filtercleaning"}