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# Generac MobileLink Binding

This binding communicates with the Generac MobileLink API and reports on the status of Generac manufactured generators, including versions resold under the brands Eaton, Honeywell and Siemens.

# Supported Things

A MobileLink account bridge thing represents a user's MobileLink account and is responsible for authentication and polling for updates.

ThingTypeUID: account

# Generator

A Generator thing represents a individual generator linked to an account bridge. Multiple generators are supported.

ThingTypeUID: generator

# Discovery

The MobileLink account bridge must be added manually. Once added, generator things will automatically be added to the inbox.

# Thing Configuration

Parameter Description
username The user name, typically an email address, used to login to the MobileLink service
password The password used to login to the MobileLink service
refreshInterval The frequency to poll for generator updates, minimum duration is 30 seconds

# Channels

# Generator Channels

All channels are read-only.

channel type description
connected Switch Connected status
greenLight Switch Green light state (typically auto mode)
yellowLight Switch Yellow light state
redLight Switch Red light state (typically off mode)
blueLight Switch Blue light state (typically running mode)
statusDate DateTime Status date (start of day)
status String General status
currentAlarmDescription String Current alarm description
runHours Number:Time Number of run hours
exerciseHours Number:Time Number of exercise hours
fuelType Number Fuel type
fuelLevel Number:Dimensionless Fuel level
batteryVoltage String Battery voltage status
serviceStatus Switch Service status

# Full Example

# Things

Bridge generacmobilelink:account:main "MobileLink Account" [ userName="[email protected]", password="secret",refreshInterval=60 ] {
    Thing generator 123456 "MobileLink Generator" [ generatorId="123456" ]

# Items

Switch GeneratorConnected "Connected [%s]" {channel="generacmobilelink:generator:main:123456:connected"}
Switch GeneratorGreenLight "Green Light [%s]" {channel="generacmobilelink:generator:main:123456:greenLight"}
Switch GeneratorYellowLight "Yellow Light [%s]" {channel="generacmobilelink:generator:main:123456:yellowLight"}
Switch GeneratorBlueLight "Blue Light [%s]" {channel="generacmobilelink:generator:main:123456:blueLight"}
Switch GeneratorRedLight "Red Light [%s]" {channel="generacmobilelink:generator:main:123456:redLight"}
String GeneratorStatus "Status [%s]" {channel="generacmobilelink:generator:main:123456:status"}
String GeneratorAlarm "Alarm [%s]" {channel="generacmobilelink:generator:main:123456:currentAlarmDescription"}

# Sitemap

sitemap MobileLink label="Demo Sitemap" {
  Frame label="Generator" {
    Switch item=GeneratorConnected
    Switch item=GeneratorGreenLight
    Switch item=GeneratorYellowLight
    Switch item=GeneratorBlueLight
    Switch item=GeneratorRedLight
    Text   item=GeneratorStatus
    Text   item=GeneratorAlarm