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# Wolf Smartset Binding

This binding communicates with the (opens new window) API and provides values readonly. Wolf systems are connected with official gateways (Wolf Link Home or Wolf Link Pro) (opens new window)

# Supported Things

  • Account (thing-type:wolfsmartset:account)
    • holding the credentials to connect to the wolf-smartset online portal.
  • System (thing-type:wolfsmartset:system)
    • represents one wolf system connected to the wolf-smartset online portal.
  • Unit (thing-type:wolfsmartset:unit)
    • unit is a part of the system with values and parameter

# Discovery

  • System things (bridge) are discovered after Account thing (bridge) is set up
  • Unit things are discovered after System things are set up

# Thing Configuration

# Account (bridge)

The account thing holds the credentials to connect to the wolf-smartset online portal.

Parameter Type Defaut Description
username text username to authenticate to (opens new window)
password text password to authenticate to (opens new window)
refreshIntervalStructure integer 10 Specifies the refresh interval to refresh the Structure in minutes
refreshIntervalValues integer 15 Specifies time in seconds to refresh values
discoveryEnabled boolean true disable the Thing discovery

# System (bridge)

The system thing represents one wolf system connected via a WOLF Link home or a WOLF Link pro to the wolf-smartset online portal. You have access to your own or to shared systems.

Parameter Type Defaut Description
systemId integer System ID assigned to the system by WolfSmartset

# Unit

A system is divided into different units. In the wolf-smartset portal, the system has an "Expert" section, each submenu item within the "Expert" section has multiple tabs. Each of these tabs is treated as one unit.

Parameter Type Defaut Description
unitId integer The BundleId assigned to the unit by WolfSmartset

# Tested WOLF-Devices

WOLF Equipment openhab Version Used gateway
CSZ (CGB and SM1) 3.1 WOLF Link Pro
CGB-2 3.1 WOLF Link home

# Channels

channel type description
number Number a generic number
contact Contact a generic contact
temperature Number:Temperature a generic temperature
string String a generic String
datetime DateTime a generic DateTime

# Full Example

# Things

Bridge wolfsmartset:account:account "Wolf Smartset Account" [ username="User", password="Password" ] {
    Bridge system 32122305166 "WolfSmartset System CSZ" [ systemId="32122305166" ] {
        Thing unitId uinit0 "CSZ Heizgerät" [ unitId="unit0" ] {

You need to use the corrosponding systemId and unitId returned by the discovery

# Items

"Number CSZHeizgerat_Raumtemperatur "Raumtemperatur" { channel="wolfsmartset:unit:account:32122305166:uinit0:1000900000"}
Number CSZHeizgerat_Flamme "Flamme" { channel="wolfsmartset:unit:account:32122305166:uinit0:1000900001"}
Number CSZHeizgerat_AnalogeFernbedienung "Analoge Fernbedienung" { channel="wolfsmartset:unit:account:32122305166:uinit0:1000900002"}
Number CSZHeizgerat_Raumsolltemperatur "Raumsolltemperatur" { channel="wolfsmartset:unit:account:32122305166:uinit0:1000900003"}
Number CSZHeizgerat_AusgangA1 "Ausgang A1" { channel="wolfsmartset:unit:account:32122305166:uinit0:1000900004"}
String CSZHeizgerat_ZeitprogrammdirekterHeizkreis "Zeitprogramm direkter Heizkreis" { channel="wolfsmartset:unit:account:32122305166:uinit0:1000900005"}
Number CSZHeizgerat_Ventil1 "Ventil 1" { channel="wolfsmartset:unit:account:32122305166:uinit0:1000900006"}
Number CSZHeizgerat_Ventil2 "Ventil 2" { channel="wolfsmartset:unit:account:32122305166:uinit0:1000900007"}
Number CSZHeizgerat_WiSoUmschaltung "Wi/So Umschaltung" { channel="wolfsmartset:unit:account:32122305166:uinit0:1000900008"}
Number CSZHeizgerat_Tagtemperatur "Tagtemperatur" { channel="wolfsmartset:unit:account:32122305166:uinit0:1000900009"}
Number CSZHeizgerat_PWMPumpe "PWM Pumpe" { channel="wolfsmartset:unit:account:32122305166:uinit0:10009000010"}
Number CSZHeizgerat_Speichersolltemperatur "Speichersolltemperatur" { channel="wolfsmartset:unit:account:32122305166:uinit0:10009000011"}
Number CSZHeizgerat_Heizkurve "Heizkurve" { channel="wolfsmartset:unit:account:32122305166:uinit0:10009000012"}
Number CSZHeizgerat_Raumeinfluss "Raumeinfluss" { channel="wolfsmartset:unit:account:32122305166:uinit0:10009000013"}
Number CSZHeizgerat_TWVorlauf "TW-Vorlauf" { channel="wolfsmartset:unit:account:32122305166:uinit0:10009000014"}
Number CSZHeizgerat_Spartemperatur "Spartemperatur" { channel="wolfsmartset:unit:account:32122305166:uinit0:10009000015"}
Number CSZHeizgerat_Geblase "Gebläse" { channel="wolfsmartset:unit:account:32122305166:uinit0:10009000016"}
Number CSZHeizgerat_Vorlaufsolltemperatur "Vorlaufsolltemperatur" { channel="wolfsmartset:unit:account:32122305166:uinit0:10009000017"}
Group CSZHeizgerat "CSZ Heizgerät" { channel="wolfsmartset:unit:account:32122305166:uinit0:10009000018"}
Number CSZHeizgerat_ECOABS "ECO/ABS" { channel="wolfsmartset:unit:account:32122305166:uinit0:10009000019"}
Number CSZHeizgerat_Netzbetriebstunden "Netzbetriebstunden" { channel="wolfsmartset:unit:account:32122305166:uinit0:10009000020"}
Number CSZHeizgerat_TWAbgas "TW-Abgas" { channel="wolfsmartset:unit:account:32122305166:uinit0:10009000021"}
Number CSZHeizgerat_HGStatus "HG Status" { channel="wolfsmartset:unit:account:32122305166:uinit0:10009000022"}
Number CSZHeizgerat_EingangE1 "Eingang E1" { channel="wolfsmartset:unit:account:32122305166:uinit0:10009000023"}"

# Supported Heating-Devices

All devices able to be connected to (opens new window) (opens new window)

Heating system WOLF Link home WOLF Link pro
Gas condensing boiler CGB-2, CGW-2, CGS-2
Oil condensing boiler TOB
MGK-2 gas condensing boiler
split air/water heat pump BWL-1S
Oil condensing boiler COB
gas condensing boiler MGK
Gas condensing boilers CGB, CGW, CGS, FGB
Gas condensing boilers CGG-2, CGU-2
Boiler controls R2, R3, R21
Monobloc heat pumps BWW-1, BWL-1, BWS-1
mixer module MM, MM-2
cascade module KM, KM-2
solar modules SM1, SM1-2, SM-2, SM2-2
Comfort apartment ventilation CWL Excellent
Air handling units KG Top, CKL Pool*
Air handling units CKL, CFL, CRL*
Combined heat and power units


⬜ possible in connection with a WOLF Link home compatible heater, full functionality only for devices with current software version.

* Modbus interface required in the device, Special programming cannot be mapped.