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# Renault Binding

This binding allow MyRenault App. users to get battery status and other data from their cars.

A binding that translates the python based renault-api (opens new window) in an easy to use binding.

# Supported Things

Supports MyRenault registered cars with an active Connected-Services account.

This binding can only retrieve information that is available in the the MyRenault App.

# Discovery

No discovery

# Thing Configuration

You require your MyRenault credential, locale and VIN for your MyRenault registered car.

Parameter Description Required
myRenaultUsername MyRenault Username. yes
myRenaultPassword MyRenault Password. yes
locale MyRenault Location (language_country). yes
vin Vehicle Identification Number. yes
refreshInterval Interval the car is polled in minutes. no

# Channels

Currently all available channels are read only:

Channel ID Type Description
batterylevel Number State of the battery in %
hvacstatus Switch HVAC status switch
image String Image URL of MyRenault
location Location The GPS position of the vehicle
odometer Number:Length Total distance travelled