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# NZ Water Alerts Binding

Get Water Alert Levels for cities in New Zealand. Getting this alert level can help you script and automate smarter tasks for water and avoid getting penalized from your distract or local council.

Example: Disable automated spinklers based on a level 3 or 4 water alert level

This Binding scrapes multiple websites for Water Levels:

# Thing Configuration

The binding and thing ID is nzwateralerts:wateralert.

# Configuration Values

Value Type Description
location string The location to get water data from. Refer to the list below for values.
refreshInterval number The time interval (in hours) to refresh the data.

# Supported city/area list

City Config Value
Bream Bay bewaterwise:whangarei:breambay
Dargaville & Baylys bewaterwise:kaipara:dargavilleampbaylys
Glinks Gully bewaterwise:kaipara:glinksgully
Hamilton City smartwater:hamilton:hamilton
Kaikohe / Ngawha bewaterwise:farnorth:kaikohengawha
Kaitaia bewaterwise:farnorth:kaitaia
Kerikeri / Waipapa bewaterwise:farnorth:kerikeriwaipapa
Mangapai bewaterwise:whangarei:mangapai
Mangawhai bewaterwise:kaipara:mangawhai
Maungakaramea bewaterwise:whangarei:maungakaramea
Maungaturoto bewaterwise:kaipara:maungaturoto
Moerewa / Kawakawa bewaterwise:farnorth:moerewakawakawa
Napier napiercitycouncil:napier:napier
Okaihau bewaterwise:farnorth:okaihau
Opononi / Omapere bewaterwise:farnorth:opononiomapere
Rawene bewaterwise:farnorth:rawene
Ruawai bewaterwise:kaipara:ruawai
Russell bewaterwise:farnorth:russell
Waipa District smartwater:waipa:waipa
Waikato District smartwater:waikato:waikato
Waitangi / Paihia / Opua bewaterwise:farnorth:waitangipaihiaopua
Whangarei bewaterwise:whangarei:whangarei

# Example

Thing nzwateralerts:wateralert "HCC" [ location="smartwater:hamilton:hamilton", refreshInterval="4" ]

The above gets the Water Alert level for Hamilton and refreshes this data every 4 hours.

# Channels

There is only one channel with this binding labelled alertlevel which contains a Number 0-4 to represent the alert level.

Depending on your region, either Alert Level 0 or 1 can represent No Water Restrictions. Check with your regional council for further details.

# Other Cities

At present the supported cities were implemented by scraping the web page on the respective website which contains the restriction information.

No councils have this data in a programmatic format easily accessible to software. Most won't have pages which contain the current alert level and only offer alerts via twitter or text. If you can convince your council to always have a page displaying the current alert level (even if none is in effect) then I can attempt to parse the page for inclusion in this Binding.