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# HomeAssistant MQTT Components Binding

HomeAssistant MQTT Components are recognized as well. The base topic needs to be homeassistant. The mapping is structured like this:

HA MQTT Framework Example MQTT topic
Object Thing homeassistant/../../object
Component+Node Channel Group homeassistant/component/node/object
-> Component Features Channel state/topic/defined/in/comp/config

# Requirements

The HomeAssistant MQTT requires two transformations to be installed:

  • JINJA-Transformations
  • JSONPath-Transformations

These can be installed under Settings->Addons->Transformations

# Limitations

  • The HomeAssistant Fan Components only support ON/OFF.
  • The HomeAssistant Cover Components only support OPEN/CLOSE/STOP.
  • The HomeAssistant Light Component only supports RGB color changes.
  • The HomeAssistant Climate Components is not yet supported.